How to Create a Quote / Work Order/ Invoice in

How to Create a Quote / Work Order/ Invoice in

To create an order in simply follow the following steps: 

  1. Click on "Work Orders" located on the left side of the page. 
  2. Click on the blue button that says "+ New" 
  3. Search for a customer by name, phone number or create a new customer. You can also use a generic cash customer for fast creation of a work order. 
  4. Now Add products or services to your work order, the order will automatically save as a quote as you add services or products. 
  5. To save as a work order simply click on the blue button that say's "Save As" and select save as work order. This will convert quote to work order. 
  6. You can also always pay a deposit or finalize the order, when you finalize the order and pay for the total amount this will convert the quote or work order into an invoice. 
If you are a visual leaner you can also see a video with the same steps explained. 


0:00 What is going on guys? Today we're going to be talking about how to create a quote, a work order, or an invoice entire 0:08 So if you're already logged in and signed up, this is our homepage. You can access the work orders page through the icon by clicking on the icon right here. 0:17 Or you can also click on the work orders pa tab right here on the left. So you can click on this low tab and it's gonna take us the same place. 0:26 Next thing we're gonna click on this button that says New. Again, here in the orders page we can see all of our orders, but in this video we're explaining how to create a new work order or new order and invoice. 0:37 So the process is the same for all the three steps or procedures. So we're gonna click on new, we're gonna se we're then gonna search for our customer's name. 0:46 We could search by name, phone number we can also create a new customer if that's what we want. Or we can use a generic cash customer for faster, you know creation of work order, cuz some customers don't like to provide their information. 0:59 So we've just created a quick use cash customer button. But in my case, I'm gonna use a phone number 1:08 And I'm gonna select my customer right here. So I have my customer. I can add some products and services and I can add some vehicles as well. 1:18 You know, if you wanted to have some vehicles, I could just click on the plus add a vehicle. And, but for now, we're not gonna add a vehicle, we're just gonna go ahead and add a product. 1:27 So I'm gonna search for a 2 0 5 55 16 for his vehicle. So he wants the Bridgestone eop. You could search the product through this search bar or also through the quick lookup. 1:38 So if I search 2 0 5 55 16 here, it's gonna show me all the products we have in stock and all the products we have perhaps in our other warehouses and the price of course, right? 1:50 So I could tell 'em, you know what, these bridgestones are great quality, $55 a piece. 1:54 We're gonna go ahead and add four of 'em. So once we add four of 'em we can automatically see that there's been a service added because when tires are added automatically a service is assigned, or at least that's a rule we have in place right now. 2:08 And we could click on the summary page and we could see how many orders how many products we have, what services we have, and what's the total. 2:15 The total is displayed right here at the bottom. So 3 78 15. We also see this message that it says it has been auto saved as quote. 2:24 So again, if I actually exit right now, I will say I'll say that my quote has been saved right here. 2:31 And to access my quote, I just click on it and now I can just save this as a work order as well. 2:40 So let's assume that the customer wants to commit these tires and really wants to buy them. We can save this to convert to work order once a quote has been converted into a work order. 2:53 The tires are actually committed in the inventory, so it's actually deducted from the available quantity. Now let's assume that the customer's ready to pay. 3:02 He wants some, he's ready to go out. We can go ahead and finalize this invoice by clicking finalize. We see that the total is 3 78 15. 3:14 We click right here, 3 78 15. We select the payment method that he paid, whether it was finance, credit card, or cash. 3:22 I'm gonna go ahead and put that he paid with a credit and debit card. I'm gonna go ahead and add, now I see that the balance is zero, so I'm gonna go ahead and click finalize. 3:31 And as you guys can see I can go ahead and print my invoice and this is the invoice that the customer will get, right, the information, how much it was customer signature line and then we can also access this same information later through our work orders page through the invoices, work 3:51 orders or the all tab. 3:54 So I hope this was helpful. Thank you so much. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below. But if not, you know, I hope you're enjoying the system. 4:02 Thank you so much. Have a great day.
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